Monday, December 27, 2010

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I have a God daughter that we spoil, she has become more than rotten, more like rancid lately. I never wanted her to be this way….being an only child I thought it was time to have the first of many talks. This one being about giving and appreciating the things that she has.

While she was visiting here in Dallas with me, she lives in Houston. I took her to the North Texas Food Bank where I do a lot of work through and at. I explained why this place was here and the importance of it. I took her to the American Girl store, a place she just loves..she once was flown to the one in Chicago, pick up by a limo and taken to a party for her cousin- whom is also an only child. While at the mall, we went to the tree set up by the Salivation Army and we picked names off of the tree. I talked to her and told her why the names were on this tree and the likely hood that the gifts we purchased maybe the only gift a child receives.
I am happy to say…. by the end of her stay, she ate all of her food , no longer wanting to waste it and she went with me to Toys R Us , she got a kick out of it being open so late. We picked out several toys…she had many things for her and when I gave her the choice of putting some of her things back so that I would have more money to buy for others … she was ok with that and helped me find more things , I did go back and get her things and my husband shipped them to her , but she did learn a lot this month.

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